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Malaysia Events 2011
5 - 7 August 2011 : Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge
Anglers will be competing for the biggest fish in this tropical rainforest of Rompin, Johor. This "catch and release"fishing event will have many international participants with attractive cash prizes to be won.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 09 517 1111 

30 - 31 Aug 2011 : Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebration
Join the celebration as Malaysian muslim end their fasting month. Relatives and friends are invited to many open houseswhere they will be treated with various traditional food and delicacies. Look out for the open house announcement on thepaper and join in the celebration.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 03 2612 7600

31 August 2011 : Merdeka Celebration
This day commemorates Malaysia's 53rd year of independance or 'Merdeka' in Malay Language. See the open air concert on theeve of Merdeka day on 30 August. The colourful parade will be held on the morning of the Merdeka Day. The Merdeka day celebration is held in every major city in Malaysia.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 03 2612 7600

16 Sept 2011 : Malaysia Day Celebration
This day commemorates Sabah and Sarawak joining Peninsular Malaysia as a nation of Malaysia. This is the 2nd year where Malaysia Day will be celebrated in full scale and has been declared a public holiday throughout Malaysia.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 03 2612 7600

12 Sept 2011 : Lantern Festival
Held in Central Market, the Lantern Festival is celebrated during the full moon of the Chinese Calendar that features many intricately designed lanterns with multiple motifs.
Tel: +6 03 2693 7111

29 Sept - 20 Oct 2011 : Textile Craft Promotion
Held in KL Craft Complex, this event featuresthe batik and textiles products of Malaysia.
Tel: +6 03 2162 7459

22 - 23 October 2011 : 25th Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon 2011
This two days event is one of "The World’s Toughest Mountain Race" where participants will scale 21km to the peak of Kinabalu mountain and descend in 3 hours. Remember to visit Poring Hot Spring and Kinabalu National Park if you have the time to spare.
Tel: +6 088 232 121

21 - 23 October 2011 : Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2011
Motorcycle enthusiasts take note of this event to be held in Sepang International Circuit.
Tel: +6 03 8778 2200

26 Oct 2011 : Deepavali Celebration and Open House
The triumph of good over evil is celebrated by Hindus on the seventh month of the Hindu calendar. Look out for announcementon the various open house that will be held in the country.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 03 2612 7600

20 Nov 2011 : Penang Bridge International Marathon, Penang
This annual event will see participants from all over the globe running across the third longest bridge in the world. Great prizes awaits the winners of this international event.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 016 411 0000

1 - 30 Nov 2011 : Fabulous Food 1Malaysia - ASEAN Food Heritage Trail
Taste an array of exquisite meals in this month-long festival! Known as Malaysia's premier gastronomic event, this eventshowcases Malaysia's finest restaurants and the exclusive menus they offer.
Tel: +6 03 2693 7111

Nov 2011 : Taman Negara Eco-Challenge
The world's top runners compete in this two-day event where participants will ascend the 2,187 metre high Gunung Tahan. Attractive prizes await the winners of this challenging event.
The date of the race will be announced in major newspaper.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 09 517 1111 / 517 1112

Nov 2011 : Powerman Malaysia
Held in Lumut, this annual sea event incorporates cycling, running and swimming in a duration of 5 hours during the day. Participants with the fastest time recorded wins.
The date of the race will be announced in major newspaper.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 03 2263 3388

15 Nov 2011 to 1 Jan 2012 : Malaysia Year End Sale
The Malaysia Year End Sale offers great discounts and bargains on a wide variety of merchandise. This is the time for the ultimate shopping indulgence. Head for the many shopping complexes in the city and you will not regret it.
Tel: +6 03 2698 1033

Early Dec 2011 : Monsoon Cup Terengganu 2011
This Monsoon Cup is a part of the prestigious Swedish Match Tour. Take the opportunity to visit the many beautiful beaches here.
The date of the race will be announced in major newspaper.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 09 623 1957 or +6 03 2142 2882

Early Dec 2011 : Penang Island Jazz Festival
Held at the popular Ferringhi Beach in Penang, this Jazz Festival will showcase performances of over 50 local and international jazz artistes.
The date of the race will be announced in major newspaper.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 03 2093 4725

25 Dec 2011 : Christmas Celebration and Open House
Join the Malaysian christians as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Look out for the various open house in the paper.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Tel: +6 03 2612 7600

The listing above are some of the major tourism Malaysia events that you can participate while in Malaysia. Get more information from Tourism Malaysia offices as the events approach.

Malaysia Holidays

Malaysians are enthusiastic sportsmen and many international sports are played in the country. The bright, tropical climate ensures that most sports. can be enjoyed throughout the year. Popular national sports include soccer, badminton, hockey, tennis and squash. Other favourites are biking, cricket, bowling, rugby, table-tennis, softball and grand prix racing.

Malaysia has a long coastline with several offshore islands Oki and sea sports are coming to the fore. There are plenty of opportunities to water-ski and wind-surf or snorkel and dive in the many islands and marine parks found throughout the country. The country's large river system has made canoeing and white-water rafting popular adventure sports.

On a national level soccer is played at school right up to international level. Soccer matches and competitions such as the Semi-Pro League and the Malaysian -Cup are two popular matches. Badminton is another favourite sport with international competitions held from time to time.

Golf Activities in Malaysia
Malaysia also has a great variety of excellent golf courses scattered around the country. Golfing holidays are becoming trendy and combine splendid golf courses to play in with the country's many other attractions. Motor sports are becoming increasingly popular and the country now has a challenging Formula I circuit just outside the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang. The Sepang Ft Circuit has a double-frontage main grandstand for 30,000 spectators and natural stands able to accommodate 100,000 spectators. The course is a 5542krn circuit which features 15 turns and 9 straights. The Malaysia Grand Prix Formula I in October 1999 brought the world's top drivers together on this latest Ft circuit.

Diving in Malaysia
DivingLocated in the heart of the Indopacific Basin in the centre of the area famed for the greatest marine bio-diversity in the world, Malaysia's marine parks offer diving enthusiasts an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful marine sights in the world. Since Malaysia hosted the inaugural Asian DEMA (Diving and Equipment Manufacturing Association) Show in 1996 and 1997, more professional and recreational divers are discovering the enchantment of its waters. With sites catering to every level of expertise, Malaysia is a true divers paradise.

Accredited dive operators offer packages for every need and budget. Premium packages include pickup at the airport, transfer to the dive sites, food, accommodation and dives. Alternatively, one can opt for a dive only package by making arrangements with a dive shop or operator. The holiday diver stays for an average of 12 days which allows for a week's worth of diving.

Whitewater Rafting in Malaysia
Rivers have long been the life blood of the indigenous people of Malaysia. They have served as a means of transport, a source of food and now, a resource for eco-tourism. The native groups of Sabah have been using rafts for centuries but white water rafting has only been a recreational activity since the 1980s.

The two main rivers for rafting in Sabah are the Padas and Kiulu rivers which are certified as Grade 3 and Grade 2 respectively in the international white water rafting grading system.

River Safaris and Cruises in Malaysia
River safaris and cruises are becoming increasingly popular among visitors to Malaysia. Well organised and with expert guides, they provide an interesting, exciting way to explore the country's interior. River safaris and cruises are available in Melaka, Kuala Berang in Terengganu and Taman Negara and Lake Chini in Pahang and Sarawak, also offer scenic river safaris and cruises.

Cave Exploring in Malaysia
Batu Caves, Kuala LumpurThere is a great network of caves in Malaysia for carving enthusiasts. it has been found that most caves date back to the Stone Age and some caves in Sarawak are 60 million years old. The majority of caves are limestone and are above ground level. These include Gua Kolam in Perlis, Gua Tempurung and Kundu in Perak, Batu Caves in Selangor and Gua ikan in Kuala Krai, Kelantan. The appearances of caves can change within months as the humid Malaysian weather affects stalagmite and stalactite formation.

Adventure caves like Drunken Forest Cave and Loagan's Cave remain close to their natural state. Show caves such as Deer Lang and Clear Water Caves in Mulu National Park, Sarawak, are those which have been opened up for public viewing with guides, lights and walkways.

Mountain Climbing and Abseiling in Malaysia
Mountain climbing is a wonderful way to discover the diversity and uniqueness of Malaysia's natural landscape ranging from the dense tropical rainforest in the lowlands to the montane vegetation in the highlands, From easy walks in the cool comfort of the Main Range of Peninsular Malaysia to the more challenging mountains of Sabah and Sarawak, there are mountains to tempt every class of climber. Abseiling is also offered in certain locations. Beginners can start with the well marked trials in Gunung Jerai in Kedah, Gunung Korbu'in Perak and Gunung Tangsi in Negeri Sembilan. For those wanting bigger challenges through rainforest, rivers and mountain ridges, there is Gunung Gagau in Taman Negara and Gunung Tahan, the highest point in Peninsular Malaysia. Then there is Gunung Kinabalu in Sabah, one of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia at 4093metres.

Angling in Malaysia
Malaysia, a prime tropical retreat, is also a relatively undiscovered fishing destination. Its sun drenched beaches, sparkling islands, profusion of flora and fauna and magnificent mountains provide a diverse array of activities for the holiday maker, diver, eco-tourist and angler.

Malaysia is endowed with quality freshwater and marine game fishing. The Prime Malaysian freshwater sport fish include the ferocious Giant Snakehead, the fast running Malaysian Jungle Perch, the GiantFeather back and the elusive but powerful Malaysian Mahseer.The seas host the king of the game fish, the Black Marlin. Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna and Dogtooth Tuna can be found in the Malaysian seas along with Wahoo, Narrowbarred Mackerel, Sailfish, Giant Trevally, Barracuda and Rainbow Runner, to name a few.

Bird Watching in Malaysia
Bird Watching - MalaysiaFor an adventure that is a little more refined and certainly less strenuous, try bird watching. Malaysia's vast expanses of rainforests are home to more than 700 species of exotic bird-life, including some extremely rare ones. Due to its location on the cross-migratory path of certain bird species, Malaysia has emerged as a bird watching haven. This avian extravaganza is one to behold. Scan the treetops, listen for the telltale calls. Look hard. If you manage to see a Mountain Peacock Pheasant or a Malayan Whistling Thrush, you are one of the privileged few, as they are the rarest of birds to be found.

Paragliding in Malaysia
The latest sport to take hold of enthusiasts is Paragliding with the use of Para motors. Para gliders can reach speed of up to 45kph and climb to heights of 150 to 200 meters. This sport is becoming popular in the wind swept states of the East Coast and along beach areas.

Malaysia Festivals

Malaysia - Land of Festivals!
Malaysia FestivalsAnyone visiting Malaysia for the first time would not cease to be amazed by the number of festivals and events that are happening the whole year around. Malaysia, with its mix of ethnic races which include Malays, descendants of the Bugis and Javanese, Chinese, Indian and others, features a colourful potpourri of cultural traditions. Many of these traditions are expressed through the festivals that take place the whole year round!

Major festivels of Malaysia include
Hari Raya Aidilfitri
After a month of fasting during the month of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate the first day of Syawal which is the tenth month of the Muslim calendar with joyous enthusiasm. This is a major festival for Muslims and they usher in the day with prayers in mosques and remembering their departed loved ones. It is also the time for family reunion when members of the family from different parts of the country get together. The festival mood is with joyous enthusiasm. Special festival dishes are served for festivals and friends during "open house". The festival mood is reflected is brightly decorated homes, government and commercial buildings. Homes are also lit with all lamps at the entrance in keeping with a long established tradition.

Chinese New Year
Malaysia Festivals - Chinese New YearThis is the most important festival of the Chinese community and it lasts for a full two weeks! It begins with a reunion dinner which is traditional for every member of the family to attend. Chinese New Year is the time when spirits are appeared and offerings are made to Gods. It is a boisterous festival with the clang of cymbals accompanying lion dances and the thunder of fire crackles filling the air. Guests are entertained to a variety of sumptuous food and drinks and the unmarried youngsters are given Ang Pows - gifts of money enclosed in little red packets. Major hotels and shopping complexes celebrate the occasion by holding lion dances and special Chinese programmers to entertain their clients.

This is a Hindu festival of light. Homes of Hindus are lit with little lights to signify the victory over darkness for the Hindus believe that this is the day when the forces of good overcame the forces of evil. Deepavali is a major festival of the Hindus and on the eve prayers are held both at home and in the temples.Hindus take a traditional oil bath in the early hours of the morning on Deepavali day and after prayers entertain their friends and guests to "open house.

The birth of Christ is celebrated by Christians in Malaysia in the true traditional style. Most Christians homes are decorated with festoon and coloured lights and the Christmas tree is a must! Young Christians go carolling days before Christmas day to usher in the Yuletide spirit. Churches hold midnight masses on the eve of Christmas. The festival is celebrated on a national scale in Malaysia and Christians hold "open house" to entertain their friends and colleagues.

In Malaysia, Thaiponggol is a harvest festival celebrated out of season because it is fixed in the Hindu calendar. Tamils celebrate this festival around the second week of January. While it is still dark, farmers rise and cook some of the newly harvested grain. Ponggol is the presentation of the cooked harvested grain to the sun at dawn.

However, for urban families, this ritual has been adapted to their own living conditions. Here the family rises, bathes and gets dressed before dawn. This is done without the use of any form of light. When everyone is ready, wearing their best clothes, they assemble around a display of fruits and flowers. Only then are lamps lit.

Penang International Dragon Boat Festival
Penang International Dragon Boat FestivalThe Penang's first Dragon Boat Race was held in 1956 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Municipality of George Town. 10 years later the race was revived as part of the Pesta Pulau Pinang. The Pesta races was originally confined to participation from the local teams such as teams from Government Department, associations and commercial establishments. However, in 1979, the boat festival became an international tourism carnival with 2 participation from overseas, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Penang International Dragon Boat Festival has participating teams all over the world include Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Macau, Thailand, Japan, Britain, West Germany, USA and others.

National Water Festival
Water resource plays an important role in the socio-cultural and economic development of the Malaysian society. Apart from functioning as a communication system, an economic, resource and determinant of early settlement pattern of the Malaysian society, it had also been a place where families carried out their recreational activities in the past. Therefore, water resource in whatever form should be protected, valued and utilized to the maximum.

The fun gets merrier with the drinking of the inevitable tapai which is an alcoholic drink made from rice wine. Apart from these, there are also organised agriculture shows, buffalo races, cultural performances and traditional games as part and parcel of the festive celebrations.

Gawai Dayak
The Gawai Dayak festival is celebrated by the Dayaks of Sarawak who live in longhouses. Being one of the major festivals of the community, it is celebrated on a grand scale and lasts for a week. The Gawai Dayak festival marks the transitional period between the season of rice harvesting and the new planting season. Hence, it is a reason of thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest and also a time to rest from work before the new planting season. The sound of boisterous laughter, convivial talk, drinking, dancing and merry-making will echo relentlessly all through the days of this exotic and colourful festival.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
The Festival of the Nine Emperor Gods falls on the ninth day of the ninth moon in the Chinese lunar calendar. Devotees flock to the temples throughout the country for this religious festival. The Nine Emperor Gods are part of a spirit-medium cult known locally as ‘Jieu Hwang Yeh’. These Nine Deities are believed to dwell in the stars in heaven under the reign of ‘Thien Hou’ - the Queen of Heaven.

A carnival-like atmosphere pervades the temple throughout the nine-day festival. During this period of time, the constant tinkling of a prayer bell and chants from the temple priests are heard. Most devotees stay at the temple, take vegetarian meals and recite continuous chanting of prayer. A procession to send the Nine Emperor Gods home then takes place to complete the rites of this religious festival.

Malaysia Shopping

Shopping in Malaysia
Shopping in MalaysiaKuala Lumpur is a shoppers paradise. There is a wide range of shopping establishments and modern air-conditioned shopping malls, department stores, handicraft centres, duty-free shops, bazaars and night markets. Among the items high on the shopping list of tourists are pewter, batik, duty free items, electrical products, sportswear and handicrafts. For a very different experience visit the night markets or 'pasar malam' which begin their trading activities in the late afternoon. These open-air markets feature hawker stalls that sell a variety of local produce, foodstuff, clothing and cakes. Bargaining is a common practice. One can see a number of street artists and traditional medicine vendors.

The Shopping Carnival, an annual sale held in March/April in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities in Malaysia is an opportunity time to pick up great bargains. Kuala Lumpur, the national capital, has a number of shopping districts. The most popular is the Bukit Bintang area, which is bounded by Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Imbi. This is the oldest shopping center. This place has local and international goods such as clothes, fashion accessories, footwear, sports goods, electrical equipment, pharmaceutical products, computers and furniture.

Other popular areas are Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Ampang, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Petaling Street, and Jalan H.S. Lee.

Sungei Wang Plaza, which is integrated with the adjacent Bukit Bintang Plaza, is a magnet for all shoppers. Its retail outlets offer an incredible assortment of goods catering to all tastes and budgets.
Malaysia Shopping Centre
Most shops are open 0900-1700 daily, with the malls open later 1000-2200. Some shops close on Sundays, but all of the malls are open.

It would be difficult to overstate the attraction of Malaysia for anyone who appreciates the natural world. Its primal forests, ranging from shoreline mangrove to mountaintop oak, are of the sort that most of the world now knows only in myth. Although Malaysia's size is similar to that of Norway, natural trees and forests cover almost three quarters of the land, an area equivalent to almost the entire United Kingdom. One can walk for hundreds of miles in Malaysia under a continuous canopy of green, marveling at an abundance of plant and animal species equaled by no other location in the entire world.

Malaysia Events & Celebrations

6 March 2010 Until 11 April 2010
Fantastic bargains and discounts are awaiting shoppers in this nationwide sale carnival. Held to complement the hottest race in the country, the sale offers unbeatable offers and sizzling hot deals on everything from fashion, electronics, accessories and many more.

Labuan International Sea Challenge - LISC '10
27 April 2010 Until 2 May 2010
Enjoy a great splashing time in Labuan this April-May with over 30 water based events. LISC'10 is the final Malaysia's Water Festival Celebration which showcases sea and beach activities offering more than RM250,000.00 in cash prizes.

Sabah Fest 2010 – A Cultural Extravaganza
1 May 2010 Until 2 May 2010
Sabah’s most anticipated cultural event where ethnic groups in Sabah display a rich and colourful kaleidoscope of cultures and traditions. Sabah Fest is the prelude to the statewide celebration of Harvest Festival. A unique assembly of Sabah’s colourful culture presented through dance, music, fashion and food, which is a must-see for all.

Malaysia Water Festival
9 April 2010 Until 11 April 2010
Cool the tropical heat with some water sports. Enjoy jet ski races, parasailing, kayaking, yachting, boat rides.

West Side Story the Musical
12 May 2010 Until 25 May 2010
‘West Side Story The Musical’ has been described as ‘a masterpiece of musical theatre’ and is said to have changed the face of musical theatre forever when it made its debut on Broadway back in 1957. For the first time ever, this legendary musical is now being staged right here on Malaysian soil, and is expected to be one of the year’s biggest and hottest events, attracting musical and theatre lovers from around the region. So don’t miss out - catch one of the world’s most-loved musicals

Golf Malaysia

Malaysia is a golfing heaven with world class golf courses to suit all tastes. Whether you’re thinking of a Malaysia golfing holiday or just a quick round of golf during your vacation, Malaysia is both a golfer’s paradise and simply paradise for a round of golf. There is a wealth of world-renowned course designers who have designed a wide-variety of layouts taking advantage of the mountains, the rain forests and the seashore in their design concepts.

Two courses that have attracted attention of late are The Mines Resort and Golf Club, just outside Kuala Lumpur, which hosted the 1999 World Cup featuring Tiger Woods and Mark O’Meara as well as the Women’s World Cup in 2000. In Borneo the Borneo Highlands Resort features the magnificent Hornbill Golf and Jungle Club launched by Tiger Woods in 1999.

Here golfers will find a wide range of grasses to play on. Many of the older Malaysia golf courses will still feature Cowgrass or broad-leaf indigenous grass on the fairways and rough, with Serangoon or Bermuda Tifway covering the greens.

However most of the newer golf courses will have the popular warm weather favourite Bermuda Tifway on the fairways and rough and TifDwarf Bermudagrass on the greens. Some courses prefer the resilient Zoysia Martrellia species, while the Sea Shore Paspalum variety is the grass used for seaside courses. The temperate climate Bent grass can be found in one of the mountain courses.

The speed of the green range from 6 to 8 on the Stimpmeter, but in a small number of courses, the speed can rise up to as high as 10.

Malaysia is a place where the glorious pleasure of a round of golf is intensified by some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on a private, club or resort golf course – the views might change but the drama of it will not.

Among the golf enthusiasts of the world, Malaysia is still a well kept secret. Many courses though register growing visitor numbers from overseas.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the correctness of the detailed information on the golf courses, especially where fees are concerned.